Refrigeration Systems

Systems developed for high efficiency

Our refrigeration systems for the merchant and navy vessels are available in a wide variety of options, including the Provision Cooling Plant (PCP). Many different types of vessels have been equipped with our refrigeration systems, including patrol vessels, frigates, survey vessels, corvettes, cruise vessels and chemical/oil recovery vessels. We can design and build to meet any size and capacity requirements, and all our plants meet the latest standards.

Our products and systems meet the highest military requirements in order to boost performance, resist shock, reduce noise and vibration and optimise space. We provide assistance at every stage of the project, including consultancy regarding any customized changes to the system, in order to deliver whatever service the client requires above and beyond simple product delivery.
Our range of navy refrigeration equipment

  • Provision cooling for crew.
  • Waste / garbage cooling systems
  • Morgue cooling systems.
  • refrigeration systems with remote condensing units.
  • refrigeration system adopting compressors with variable modulation.
  • Custom-built refrigerating rooms
  • Custom-built refrigerating cabinets.
  • USPHS standard cols cold room systems.
Shiprefrigeration systems are vital for any ship carrying refrigerated cargo and food rations for the crew preventing damage to the cargo or decay of perishable foods.
So ask us about our high quality refrigeration systems!

Our employees have years of experience and can help you with every step of the process.

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