Maintenace Repair & Service

Prevention means lives and money

DMR Impianti S.r.l. offers Owners service engineers and specialized working teams available worldwide, to reduce intervention time and increase the accessibility of ship systems. Our highly qualified technical staff are at your service for technical assistance, special requests, online services and on-site inspections. We guarantee maintenance, through out the operational years, of the original performances of the systems installed on board, providing spare parts and technical information throughout the entire lifespan of the ship.

Our Customer services:
  • Personnel training
  • General maintenance and overhaul works, fault finding
  • Instrumentation checks and calibration
  • Machinery and systems performances evaluations
  • Measurements carried out to perform check-up of HVAC &AutomationSystems including Air and Energy Quality, water flow measurement in full pipes and open channels with Ultrasonic and Doppler technology, Harmonic Distortion, measuring filter efficiency with Particle Counter , infrared camera analysis and HART Documenting Process Calibration
  • Occasional repairs
  • Technical inspection and refitting of system due to changes in regulations and performance improvement
  • Ship conversion
  • Checking cooling systems for refrigerant leakages (according to the EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulation No 517/2014)
Our areas of intervention are: HAVC cruise and navy vessel equipments, cargo handling equipment,; offshore HAVC and automation system overhaul, electrical, pneumatic actuators and checking and refitting control systems.

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    Phone: +39 010 899.46.00
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