Air conditioning

Innovative systems for optimum reliability

DMR Marine air systemsensure year-round comfort on-board any vessel. Our marine air systems are durable and reliable; designed to withstand the harsh est environments on board marine applications and are fitted out with innovative, high-performance technology. We can provide dedicated marine air handling units, chillers, single duct, duo duct and VAV reheat air conditioners and many more marine air systems that can adjust to the toughest seagoing conditions anywhere in the world.

The advantages of our systems are: high air quality, individual control of ambient temperature, separate heating and cooling sources for each space, and dehumidification and filtering carried out in a central room constantly controlled by a remote automation system.

Our engineering technicians have years of experience on marine & military vessels, and possess in-depth knowledge of military naval engineering and system design. We really understand the environmental challenges faced by military vessels and of how rough, harsh and ever-changing weather conditions can put any HVAC system to the test. Our products and systems meet the highest military standards to boost performance, resist shocks, noise and reduce vibration and to optimise space.

We provide assistance at every stage of the project, including consultancy on customized changes to the system, in order to deliver whatever service the client requires above and beyond simple product delivery.
DMR continues its research and development in the following areas:

  • Compatible vibration and shock-resistant systems.
  • NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) air filtration systems
  • Refrigerators adopting compressors with variable modulation.
  • Customised refrigerators and heating with protection against Electro‐Magnetic Interference (EMI).
  • Suitable for zone 1 & zone 2.
  • Systems for cooling electronic equipment.
  • HVAC systems with blast protection.
  • HVAC whisper quiet systems.
  • Dedicated central heating,ventilation and over-pressure systems.

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