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Complete and integrated marine HVAC and automation solutions

DMR Impianti S.r.l. is headquartered in Genova and is a worldwide provider of complete and integrated marine HVAC and automation solutions for the merchant marine, military and offshore industries. We deliver customised solutions to meet the individual needs of our Clients, from the project through to installation and after-sales service. We specialise in environmentally-friendly systems that are designed to operate in the most complex marine environments, and to comply with the highest international standards.
At DMR, we use our innovative, team-oriented approach to promptly deliver solutions at a competitive price.

DMR is an ISO 9001:2001 accredited body and our systems comply with all the regulatory requirements of the Maritime Registers (Lloyds, DNV, RINA, ABS, Germanic Lloyds, etc.)

Our main goal is to supply Clients with the products, projects and solutions they need, which also assure the comfort and safety of employees, passengers and crew.
At the same time, during the design and engineering stage we never overlook the details that guarantee robustness, long life and reliability of systems and plants.

At DMR Impianti, we base our work on quality engineering, so Clients can save on expensive over-engineering, and our engineering technicians have years of experience built up in the field in order to meet the specific climate control, mechanical ventilation, heating and refrigeration needs of every Client.

We are proud of transforming the most high-end technologies into reality to meet the Client's specific needs and we have the capacity to innovate and think outside the box to engineer an ad hoc solution for anything that has not yet been developed.  

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Via Alberto Liri 12B - 16145 Genova (GE) – Italy
Phone: +39 010 899.46.00 - Fax: +39 010 899.46.14
Email: info@dmr-impianti.it

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