Energy savings systems

Energy savings systems for Marine applications

The principle is to utilize only the power necessary at any ship’s operative conditions.
The principle can be applicable to many of the Systems present on Board.
Usually on board Systems are designed to reach the contractual performances under the worst conditions. (I.E. Worst Environmental conditions, max Ship’s speed, etc.) If we install an Energy Saving System able to measure conditions ( I.E. Temperature , Pressure etc ) and modulate the speeds of Fans, Pumps etc. in order to to supply only the necessary amount of Air or Water. We can save Energy !  
On board there are many systemsthat would benefit from the installation of Energy Saving System, such as.

  • HVAC (Fans – Pumps – AHUs). Cooling Systems (Pumps) etc.
  • In order to evaluate the expected energy savings, in terms of kwh, fuel or expenditure, the ship’s operation profile will be considered..
  • Each project is tailored to meet the specific requests of each Client. There is only one thing that all the projects have in common: the main processing work method developed to follow the internal quality assurance policy..

Download - DMR - Energy Saving Systems on board existing Ships

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